Activities / Experiences

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Activities / Experiences

idyllic Concept Resort offers a full range of services to ensure that guests are able to relax and take home only happy memories of their visit.


Set aside time for a pampering massage – a perfect retreat to indulge in relaxation, feel rejuvenated, ease your physical and mental tensions to make you look and feel better, and reward yourself after a long day of traveling.


Set aside a day for fun boating – the perfect excuse to unplug yourself, head out on a boat ride, enjoy a sightseeing day in the sun, and discover the best excursions on stunning bright blue sea of Koh Lipe

Sea Activities Equipment Rental

  1. Paddle Board – THB 250 per hour
  2. Crystal Kayak – THB 300 per hour
  3. Snorkeling Equipment – THB 100 per hour
  4. Kayak – Free 1 hour
  5. All Equipment must return on or before 18.00.

Massage Packages

(In Room Service Additional Charge 100 THB/ HR.)

Thai Massage 1 HR/500 THB

Thai massage combines massage with placement of the body in yoga-like positions during the session. Thai massage aligns the energies of the body using gentle pressure on specific points as well as compressions and stretches.

Oil Massage 1 HR/600 THB

Oil Massage stimulates the tissues of the body by the hands with the massage oil as it is designed to let the hands slide more easily during massage session to provide maximum relaxation for both body and soul. Oil massage is really a wonderful way to relieve the stress and the tension that has accumulated in your body during a tiring day

Aroma Coconut Massage 1 HR/700THB

Giving a very pleasant and gentle touch, Aroma Coconut massage uses natural cold-extracted coconut oil being rich in vitamin-E and acting as an antioxidant to protect the skin from wrinkle and keep the skin rejuvenated, young and healthy.

Aloe Vera Massage 1 HR/700THB

Aloe Vera Massage uses the aloe vera oil which can also be used to treat wounds, burns, scalds and even sunburn. Aloe Vera oil helps reducing bacterial infection while increasing the circulation to speed up the healing process as this plant extract contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, B, minerals, proteins, polysaccharides, enzymes, amino acids and beta-carotene, which.

Head, Shoulder and Back Massages 1 HR/600 THB

Head, shoulder and back massage soothes away tensions in your upper body, breaks down knots and improves your flexibility. It helps to relieve headaches by stimulating the nerves on your scalp and the blood circulation within your head to make you feel relaxed and re-energized.

Foot Massage 1 HR/500 THB

Foot massage is a lot more beneficial to both physical and mental health than most people realize. Foot massage is a holistic healing technique that provides relaxation, balance in the body’s various systems, and healthy blood circulation. It is known as a therapy to foster general good health and mental serenity.

Thank you for your subscribing. To get the privileges, kindly use the code


when you book directly online with us. Or click the below link.

Thank you for your subscribing. To get the privileges, kindly use the code


when you book directly online with us. Or click the below link.